About Us


Keirns, John O.President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Officers listed below were elected at the annual shareholder’s meeting and are listed in alphabetical order by last name.
Bankes, Angela ADirector of Shareholder Relations
Chadwell, BrentBranch Manager & Loan Officer
Clemens, AlynnOperations Manager
Davis, Juliana L.Loan Officer
Faires, Susan J.Loan & Collection Officer
Finley, John H.Collections & Loan Officer
Harlow, Sarah L.Branch Manager & Loan Officer
Harris, Amanda S Internal Audit/Compliance Coordinator/BSA & CRA Officer
Kemmerer, Candy J.Senior Lender
Maiden, Kelly A.Loan Officer
Riley, Jessica S.Information Systems (IS) Manager
Tabler, Elizabeth ‘Beth’Loan Officer
Wickmann, Suzanne ‘Suzie’Human Resource Manager
Wilson, Rachel N.Controller & General Accounting Manager

Community Involvement

  • American Cancer Society
  • Athens County Foundation
  • Athens-Hocking-Vinton 317 Board
  • Athens Rotary Club
  • Athens Rotary Foundation
  • Church of Christ in Pennsville
  • Church of Christ Ladies’ Circle
  • Church of the Gospel Ministry
  • Corinthian Lodge 111
  • Eagles
  • Fraternal Order of Eagles Auxiliary #2187
  • Glouster Church of Christ
  • M&M Fire Department
  • Main Street Church of Christ
  • Malta McConnelsville Rotary Club
  • Malta United Methodist Church
  • Meigs Church of Christ
  • Moose
  • Morgan Co Shriners
  • Morgan Boosters
  • Nelsonville Parade of the Hills
  • Northpole Nelsonville
  • OhioHealth/O’Bleness Hospital Governance Council
  • Ohio Valley University Stepping Stones
  • Pleasant Valley Trinity Church
  • Shriners
  • Sons of Legion
  • Tabor Ridge Church of Christ


In 1863, the same year in which Abraham Lincoln was president of the United States of America, issued the Emancipation Proclamation, and delivered his famous Gettysburg Address, the First National Bank of McConnelsville was organized under the new act forming the National Banking System which Congress had passed into law in February of that year.

The original capital was set at $75,000, which was divided into 750 shares and sold for $100 each. The bank greeted customers at its original location; 32 East Main Street, on the town square.

First National continued to grow and was sound enough during the 1920’s and 30’s to remain solvent and keep it’s doors open throughout the Great Depression.

The ensuing decades were years of growth and stability and in August of 1967 The First National Bank of McConnelsville and The First National Bank of Stockport merged and the combined capital grew. In March of the following year, the construction of the new Main Office building was done, and the McConnelsville office moved to its present location at 86 North Kennebec Avenue. On July 20, 1975, the Stockport Office moved into the new building at 1820 Broadway Street.

The 1980’s brought investment in technology that now allows us to handle all of our check processing and data processing in-house. We also saw the formation of our one bank holding company, FNB Shares, Inc.

The 1990’s were a period of continued growth as we opened an additional branch in the village of Carroll on July 1, 1996, located in Fairfield County. As we saw the closure of major sources of employment, First National Bank continued our commitment to our community that we serve by donating the services of one of our key people to open an Economic Development Office.

In 1999 the bank marked the completion of a $2 million renovation project. On New Year’s Eve, McConnelsville was filled with excitement as First National Bank invited the public to an open house and New Year’s Eve Celebration. The bank was host to around 400 people from the community who strolled through the new facility. As the clock stuck midnight a community member flipped the switch to turn on the bank’s computer system so everyone could see that Y2K came and went without a problem to the bank’s technology system.

July 31, 2000 was a very important day because The First National Bank of McConnelsville and The Junction City Banking Company merged. With the renovation of the existing facility completed in 2002, First National Bank could offer the Junction City community ATM access, drive-thru banking, Internet Banking, check cards, and more choices in bank products and services. The Stockport Office got a new facelift in the fall of 2002. On June 26, 2003, the Carroll Office moved into their newly constructed facility.

A small select group of national banks still operating today received their charters in 1863, the year the national banking system was founded. The First National Bank of McConnelsville is one of these proud few. On July 31, 2003, First National Bank was honored to be presented a certificate and letter signed by John D. Hawke, Jr., The Comptroller of Currency, Administrator of National Banks in Washington D. C. The certificate reads “in recognition of the bank’s 140 years of distinguished service and contributions to its community.”

On March 17, 2004, First National Bank opened its 5th location at 1012 East State Street in Athens.

In November 2006, First National Bank of McConnelsville traded the location at 55 High Street in Carroll for a location at 7400 Marion Street in Chesterhill.

On December 5, 2008, First National Bank of McConnelsville and First National Bank in Nelsonville and Glouster merged together.

In November 2013, the Chesterhill Branch located at 7400 Marion Street in Chesterhill was permanently closed.

First National Bank customers now have access to banking facilities in McConnelsville, Athens, Glouster, Junction City, Nelsonville, and Stockport.

First National Bank in McConnelsville has outlived the first entry on the national bank charter list, the First National Bank of Philadelphia. The Philadelphia bank was founded by another Ohio native, financier Jay Cooke, and had six times the assets of its counterpart in McConnelsville. After the Civil War, the McConnelsville bank helped market railroad bonds issued by Cooke and his new business partner, Hugh McCulloch; the same McCulloch who, as the first Comptroller, oversaw the bank’s supervision at its inception. First National Bank of McConnelsville has grown exponentially since 1863.

The First National Bank of McConnelsville is the oldest national bank still operating under the same original name and the same original Office of the Comptroller Charter – number 46.